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A Journey to Financial Well-Being

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This book offers a personal story of triumph in the face of adversity. Now you too can learn the simple steps to become debt free and begin creating a life with greater financial well being. Life is short and only those who dare to dream and continue to grow in times of diffuculty will see the fruits of their labor. With this step by step approach you will learn what keeps the average perso nin financial repression and how you can break these chains once and for all. Whether you are in college, have a family, career, or are preparing for retirement, this book is for you!

Jesse Hartman is the founder of Dreams Unlimited, established to foster personal growth, promote financial well-being, and help others attain the results they want in life. After finding himself in $50,000 of credit card debt and hearing the only solution from a financial planner was to spent 10 years paying off his debts, only to start over, he created his own plan and was debt free in only three years in which time he purchased a home, and enjoyed international travel.
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